Friday, October 18, 2013


Friday morning. Breaking news from our guys in the water:
We stopped the swim. It became unsafe due to the storm. We are heading to Haifa port. ETA 5PM. Thanks for the huge support everyone!!!
 — atCyprus Isreal Swim.


  1. Better safe than a new record there is always the next time,

  2. Still a very good effort by all please keep us up to date with future news, and hopefully next year the storms will stay away.

  3. congrats on a great swim! hope everyone is safe and healthy.


  4. Hi Phil, your comment is obviously special for us. We know that you can really understand what we went through. We had to abort the swim about 2/3 of the way from Cyprus to Israel, due to adverse sea conditions, it became too dangerous for boarding the boat at the end of each shift, not to mention the need to swim further away from the yawing boat, with the risk of it losing sight of the swimmer in the darkness.
    We came out stronger than before and already planning on a second attempt.
    We believe you guys had a similar attitude, and it inspired us. Thank you!!